EzyPeezies is an Australian based and owned company created by a mum of 2 little girls (one newborn and one toilet training toddler)

Inspired by a need…

…a need from myself, and many cloth nappy loving friends who struggled with things like pinning down a mobile baby or toddler for change times. We found it incredible that there were no other companies offering a complete one size fits most pocket nappy that could be easily pulled up and down for easy change times whilst also being able to be undone.

Created from experience…

The experience of using many different brands and types of cloth nappies over a period of 2 years, so its fair to say, first hand experience with many of the problems associated with other cloth nappies such as bulkiness, ill-fitting, leaks, nappy covers and slow drying.

Made with Love.

EzyPeezies are more than just a business. They are a solution for our family and friends that we would like to share with parents. They have been lovingly designed with the mums and bums who use them in mind. We only use premium materials that are gentle on babies bottoms and easy for mums to care for, not to mention great for the environment.