Hi Helen, I’m loving the new nappies.
The colours are fantastic. I can’t believe how absorbant they are! They seem to hold as much as a disposable.
I’m also loving the wetbag. What an excellent thing to include with each nappy.
I’ve included some photos I took of my boy this morning. I love a cloth bum!! Hope they aren’t too big.

J Michele

Just wanted to let you know that these nappies are working great for us while toilet training. My daughter (2yrs) had one on all morning whilst out and about, was able to pull it up and down to use the toilet, but then when she fell asleep in the car I was confident that there would be no wet mess to clean up later! Brilliant!


Love how easy these are for using toilet when out and about. They are so absorbant and soft too. very happy :)


Really enjoying using these on O. Love how soft and stretchy they are. Am going to try them for night time use this week!


Hi. I just wanted to give you some feedback about your nappies. My son is an almost 23 kilo 5 year old, big for his age. He occassionally wets the bed and we’ve tried Super Undies (leaked every time). Pull ups worked but were very expensive and a couple of weeks ago I thought, why not see if the EzyPeezies fit him? I didn’t even need to put them on the last lot of snaps and they were a great fit. I used the 2 inserts that came with the nappies and added a bamboo trifold at the front. They were a great fit and I was really surprised that something that fitted my 7 month old could also fit my 5 year old! He has wet the bed twice so far and your nappies have held everything – no leaks! Thank you for saving me a lot of money in Pull Ups!


Love love love the new design, will definitely be ordering more! :)


I love the way that the V2 fits – I’ve never had an MCN with such a slim fit on my daughter, it’s not bulky at all.


I left the folding change mat out of the nappy bag today and the change table at the shops was gross. Since our daughter was in EzyPeezies we were able to do a standing up change under her dress so I didn’t need to lie her down on the gross change table -win :)


Went to the beach today with our 16 month old. The EzyPeezies were great. We drove up in the morning and changed her wet nappy when we got there to a nappy without the insert when we changed her into her swimsuit. The nappy shell on its own makes a great swim nappy. After lots of fun splashing on the edge of the waves she was shivering but still didn’t want to leave. We took off her swimsuit and the nappy shell, and put her poncho towel on to warm her up. We sat down for picnic lunch and then pulled up new ezypeezie. When we finished lunch and she was all warm, we took the towel off and slipped her dress on. Love the ezypeezies, so simple!

Hello! We have now thoroughly tested the nappy we won- we love it! Great at night, very comfortable at all times- our 18 month old asks to have it on if he finds it hanging up in the laundry. Now that we are looking at him wanting to start experimenting w a potty and a new baby due in February, we will definitely acquire some more of your nappies. We only buy ethically or locally made, so your choice to go w ethical manufacturing is fantastic for us! Thanks so much for your generosity, we love our EzyPeezy.


Hi got my training pant nappies today. so far I love them. can get rid of my real nappies altoghether now I think. boosters for nightime. daytime wear as underpants. very thin so should feel wet. other trainers I have are very thick. wish I had of found these wehn a bub. would have got only these.