Why Choose Cloth ?

Are you an expecting parent trying to negotiate the maze that is modern cloth nappy information and decide whether its the right choice for you? Or a parent ready to take the plunge into the world of modern cloth nappies but don’t know where to start? Read on, We have made everything you need to know about getting started EzyPeezy…

Lets start with some common misconceptions about cloth…

Aren’t cloth nappies a lot of hard work?

Not at all. Modern cloth nappies are designed to look, fit and be used very similarly to disposables, the only difference is that you wash them once they have been used rather than throwing them out. Using EzyPeezies involves one extra load of washing every second day, thats about 3 loads a week. Definitely a small effort given the enormous benefits of using cloth nappies.

What about all that washing and heavy soaking?

Washing and caring for your EzyPeezies is very simple. The nappies are ‘dry pailed’ which means they are stored in an empty bucket with a tight fitting lid, so there is no need for dripping nappy buckets and smelly nappy water. Every second day, simply empty the contents of the nappy bucket into the washing machine, rinse and warm wash. There is no need for heavy soaking or bleaching, and in fact these things are detrimental to your EzyPeezies. Basically, when it comes to cloth nappies less is more! For full washing instructions and nappy care information click here.

Don’t you have to change cloth nappies frequently?

Each EzyPeezies nappy comes with 2 x ultra absorbent charcoal bamboo and microfibre inserts. How frequently you need to change your baby will be individual to you and your baby’s age, as they often go through periods of heavy wetting which changes as they get older. Generally, one insert will last between 2-5 hours and using both inserts will last between 4 – 12 hours.

Don’t cloth nappies leak?

Leaks with any nappy system from time to time are inevitable. The key to preventing leaks is making sure that your nappy fits snuggly to your baby (see our ‘get the right fit guide’ here), checking the fit regularly as they grow and customising the absorbency that you need to suit between nappy changes.

Aren’t they expensive?

Our ‘Committed to Cloth’ multipack, which is enough nappies to comfortably use for one child, costs $420. (click here to visit our online shop) Given that the average cost of disposable nappies for one child from birth to toilet training is around $3000, an initial investment of a few hundred dollars will pay off very quickly. If cared for correctly, EzyPeezies will last for more than one child, meaning even more value out of your purchase.


Cost Saving

Disposable nappies are expensive! Whilst it may cost a few hundred dollars initially to set up with cloth, the cost savings over one or more children add up fast. EzyPeezies also saves money by providing a one size solution from birth to toilet training, meaning you don’t have to constantly buy different sizes as your child grows. Unlike any other brand of cloth nappies currently available, EzyPeezies can be used as a pull-up nappy pant for older babies and toddlers, saving you even more money on disposable pull-up nappies and separate training pants during the toilet training phase.

Sustainability/ environmentally friendly

Every year millions of disposable nappies are put into landfill that take hundreds of thousands of years to break down. By choosing cloth you are actively helping reduce the impact of this waste on our environment. Bamboo is a fast growing, naturally organic crop which is sustainable and actively absorbs carbon just like trees, again, helping to reduce the impact on our environment.

Great for sensitive skin

Bamboo fabric is the perfect choice for sensitive little bums. its breathable and draws moisture away from skin helping to preventing nappy rash. It also has natural hypo-allergetic, antibacterial properties. many mums find nappy rash disappears when using cloth nappies..

Look Cute !

Lets face it…white, plastic disposable nappies aren’t the most attractive accessory your baby will ever own! With a range of vibrant colours to match any outfit, EzyPeezies look adorable poking out from underneath your baby’s clothes, or if your baby prefers, just on their own! No need for nappy covers, these stand alone as a stylish addition to any baby’s wardrobe.


So you’ve decided that you would like to give cloth nappies a go, but not quite sure how and what you need. Here is a simple explanation to some of the logistical queries…

What do I need to get started ?

Not much! Each EzyPeezies nappy comes with two ultra absorbent inserts and a reusable wet bag for when you are out and about, which is basically all you need to get started. The only other essential item is a nappy bucket with a tight fitting lid or nappy bag big enough to hold a days worth of nappies. If you plan on using your EzyPeezies for overnight use, you may need to purchase a wool nappy cover, depending on whether your baby is a heavy wetter or sleeps for long periods at night. See our section below on using EzyPeezies overnight.

How many nappies do I need ?

this will depend on the age of your baby and whether you plan to use cloth nappies full time, or just part time (see part time cloth nappy-ing below). For a newborn you would need approximately 8 nappies a day, for an older baby or toddler somewhere between 4 -6 nappies a day. Our ‘Committed to Cloth’ multipack of 20 nappies should be enough nappies for one child, washing every second day.

What about when you are out and about ?

Using your EzyPeezies when out and about is easy! Each nappy comes packed in a reusable wet/ travel bag. Before you pack your nappy bag in the morning, simply pop each nappy you plan on taking with you into its wet bag and take it with you. When you change a nappy, just put the dirty one back into the wet bag, then into the nappy bucket once you get home. EzyPeezies have the added feature of being able to be pulled up making change times for toddlers much easier. Perfect for easy changes where this is no change room available like parks or back of the car.

Can I use EzyPeezies for overnight ?

Absolutely, you can. Many of our customers are parents of children who are toilet trained during the day, but still use nappy overnight. The pull up nappies are great for older children who don’t want to feel like they are wearing a ‘nappy’ to bed.

To use your EzyPeezies overnight, you will need to increase the absorbency from what you generally use during the day, by adding a second charcoal bamboo and microfibre insert. For children over the age of about 3, large children and/ or extra heavy wetters, we recommend replacing the charcoal bamboo/ microfibre inserts with 100% bamboo foldable inserts (available in our online store). These offer extra absorbency and can be folded into 4 width ways to create a very slim insert, which helps to provide a better fit with the leg elastic, safeguarding against leaks.

Part time Cloth Nappy-ing ?

Still not totally convinced about cloth nappy-ing but would like to give it a go? Some parents use cloth nappies at home, but still use disposables when out and about or for overnight. This is a great way to test the waters of cloth nappies, whilst still having the familiarity of disposables when needed. We have a couple of great multipacks in our shop of either 5 or 10 nappies for those who want to try cloth nappies part time. If you decide you want to try cloth full time, its simply a matter of adding to your nappy collection.