EzyPeezies nappies have to be one of the most versatile nappies on the market, meaning that you get more use and more value for money from your purchase. Not only are they designed to fit all shapes and sizes from newborn to toddler, but the unique design allows you to use your nappy for more than one purpose.

Pocket nappy – suitable from birth

Long before you even contemplate using your EzyPeezies for toilet training, you will be using nappies…for a long time! Thats why we have selected all of the best elements from our years of experience in using modern cloth nappies to make your days of using nappies as easy as possible and elmiminate some of the commonly associated problems with many other cloth nappies.

A pocket nappy offers you the ability to customise your absorbency to suit your baby and needs, whilst been easily removed for washing (which reduces lengthy drying times). The pocket keeps inserts secure from moving around, particularly with older, mobile babies rather than the snap in systems.

The slimcut design eliminates a lot of the bulkiness of other nappies, helping EzyPeezies to fit better on smaller babies.

The folding wing design with 3 rows of snaps allows you to customise the fit to your baby, regardless of their shape or size. This is particularly useful for little babies, babies with very skinny or chunky legs and any other features which other OSFM nappies don’t quite cater for. Find out for yourself why EzyPeezies customers are raving about our unique design!

Pull-up nappy

There comes a time for most babies, usually somewhere after walking and before toilet training where change times become a quite a struggle. Trying to pin down a toddler and have them lie relatively still to have their nappy changed can be challenging to say the least.

(For anyone unfamiliar with this struggle, it is captured beautifully in illustrations courtesy of crappypictures.com) http://crappypictures.com/2012/03/toddler-diaper-changesillustrated-with-crappy-pictures.html

Having a pull-up nappy means that you can simply snap the nappy to the correct setting for your child and they can step into their nappy and pull it up, just as you would a pair of underpants or training pants. Unlike training pants, you still have the option of the full absorbency of a nappy, and the dirty nappies simply unsnap while your child is standing.

Standing nappy changes are fabulous when you are out and about, such as in the park, or when travelling and a baby change facility is not available (see how easy nappy changes on aeroplanes become!)

Nappy pants for children wearing nappies for extended periods

There are a small number is children who for various reasons need to wear nappies for extended periods. Most often, this is children who are fully toilet trained during the day, but still need a nappy overnight. Being able to use the nappy as pull-up pants helps children to stop children feeling like they are still wearing a ‘nappy’ as they are able to just step into them and pull them up like a pair of underpants. This is also great for parents of children with various disabilities who may be required to use nappies for extended periods of time. Not only can it make changes easier for both children and parents, but help ease the cost associated with using disposable nappies over long periods. EzyPeezies nappies have been tested on children up to the age of about 5 years and over 20kg.

For children over the age of 3, larger children and very heavy wetters, it is recommended that you use our 100% bamboo folding inserts instead of the standard charcoal bamboo inserts included with the nappy. The folding inserts offer better absorbency, and are slimmer to help create a better fit when a very thick, absorbent nappy is required. 100% bamboo folding inserts are available from our online store. See ‘Instructions’ on how to fold and use these inserts.

Waterproof training pants

Anyone who has had the challenge of toilet training a toddler will know that it is a process! Using a pull-up nappy allows you to make the transition gently from nappies to underwear. In the beginning of toilet training, children or parents and easily pull their nappy up and down like underpants to offer regular toilet breaks, whilst knowing that the many inevitable accidents will be safely contained. As toilet training progresses, you can reduce the amount of absorbency in the nappy until you are left with just the outer shell of the nappy which will is slim and easy to wear, like underwear yet still safe guards against any little accidents.

As EzyPeezies are a OSFM nappy, you can achieve a perfect fit for your toddler regardless of size or shape. Something that can be difficult with very small or very large toddlers in training pants.

Have you used your EzyPeezies for easy standing change times or toilet training? Please share your experiences on our testimonials page.

Swim nappy

You can also use your EzyPeezies as a reusable swim nappy by removing all the insert.