Any parent who has negotiated the maze of modern cloth nappies on the market will know that there are quite literally hundreds of different brands available. This makes it very difficult to choose one for your child when they all look the same and all essentially do the same thing.

So what sets EzyPeezies apart from the crowd? EzyPeezies nappies feature a unique design unlike any other on the market aimed to make our nappies more versatile, make your life easier and eliminate some of the common problems with cloth nappies.

Pull-up design

While many other nappies claim to grow with your child from birth to toilet training, EzyPeezies is the only nappy that truly goes to toilet training and beyond. EzyPeezies are the only OSFM pull-up nappy available meaning they can be used as newborn nappy from birth, then be used as a pull-up nappy pant for easy toilet training and overnight use for children who still need a nappy for sleeps after they are toilet trained.

EzyPeezies have a super stretchy waist band so they can be snapped to the right size for your child and easily pulled up and down just like a pair of training pants, whilst still being able to be snapped undone for fast and easy removal when dealing with something a little messier. Like any other pocket nappy, you control the absorbency by adding as many or as little absorbent inserts as you require, from heavy overnight use to no absorbency for toilet training.

One size fits most… that actually FIT!

EzyPeezies nappies feature a unique 3 step snap adjustment meaning that we can almost guarantee that you can achieve a perfect fit on your baby or child right from a 3kg newborn, up to a 20kg 5 year old, regardless of skinny legs, chunky thighs, big tummies and any other features unique to your little one.

Unique folding wing design

The key feature of EzyPeezies V2 is our unique folding wings. This gives you another area of adjustability to create the perfect fit for your baby regardless of shape or size. For small babies and toddlers, fold the wings in and fasten to the snaps inside. This gives you a shorter wing and a tighter fit around the legs and waist, without the wing droop problem. As your child grows simply unsnap the wings and extend out for larger sizing.

No front wings

One of the most common problems with cloth nappies is securing the wings at the front, which often results in what is known as ‘the dredded wing droop’ where the front wings hang out the top of the leg holes. Not so stylish or comfortable!

By cutting off the front wings and making the back wings longer, we no longer have the problem of bits of fabric hanging down where they shouldn’t be. This also means that EzyPeezies are much more secure when used as a pull-up nappy.

Slimcut design

EzyPeezies feature a super slim cut front and gusset, eliminating a lot of the bulk associated with a lot of other cloth nappies, also helping them to feel more like underpants rather than a nappy. The upside down pear shaped inserts mean that you don’t lose out on absorbency, whilst enjoying the slim and trim nappy pants.

Charcoal bamboo fabric

One of the most frequently asked questions about MCN’s is ‘how do I remove stains’. Stained nappies look old and tired when they still have plenty of practical life left in them. EzyPeezies uses a charcoal bamboo for both the inner lining and inserts, meaning this is one FAQ you won’t need to worry about, and your nappies will look their best for a lot longer.

Personal, experience based service and advice

When you buy your EzyPeezies nappy, you aren’t purchasing from a large company but a locally run business. Every purchase includes my business card and mobile number, and you can call any time with questions or comments regarding the nappies. Help is always at hand!

If you want to ask any questions before making a purchase, email me at or jump on our Facebook page ‘EzyPeezies’. I am more than happy to call you back and help you with your queries.