EzyPeezies are a pocket nappy, meaning that you need to stuff the nappy with absorbent inserts to suit your baby’s needs.

We have chosen a pocket nappy over a all-in-one or a snap in system as a pocket nappy keeps the inserts secure from moving around yet are still able to be removed for washing making for faster drying times. The nappy is designed to be washed after every use. Replacing the just the insert within the pocket can contribute to nappy rash as the layer touching your baby’s skin has
been soiled.

Where possible, we recommend changing your baby every 3 hours during the day to keep their bottoms clean and dry, and prevent leaks.

The amount of absorbency will depend on how long you need your baby to be in the one nappy and whether they are a heavy wetter. As yor baby grows, you may find that they go through periods of heavy wetting, which subsides and starts again. As with the fit of the nappy, you will need to check the absorbency you are using and/ or how frequently you are changing your baby as they get older and adjust where necessary.

If you find that your nappy is leaking, after you have checked that you have the right fit, you may need to check and adjust the absorbency.

Each nappy comes with 2 x charcoal bamboo and microfibre inserts. One insert will last somewhere between 2 -5 hours and using two inserts together will last somewhere between 6 – 12 hours.

Generally, during the day one insert will be sufficient, and most babies and children will require both inserts overnight.

In the case of particularly heavy wetters or larger, older children, you may find that the two inserts still do not provide enough absorbency. We have available in our store 100% bamboo folding inserts which can be used in conjunction with or in place of the charcoal bamboo inserts.

For older children who are toilet training EzyPeezies can be used without any inserts. This provides a waterproof layer to safeguard against any accidents without relying on using a full nappy. By removing all the inserts, you can also use your EzyPeezies as a swim nappy.

If you have any concerns or questions about the absorbency of your nappies, please contact us.