step 1: the rise

  • The rise snaps adjust the the length of the nappy to suit the height of your baby or toddler.
  • Adjusting the rise is important to get a good, tight fit around the legs. The most common problem encountered in getting a good fit is not adjusting the rise small enough.
  • As the nappies are designed to fit right up until about the age of 5, most babies and toddlers will need the rise reduced to get a good fit.
  • Adjusting the rise is also the easiest and most common way to fix leakage problems.
  • To adjust the rise, snap the top row of snaps to one of the three rows below. For very tall or older children leave the rise on its full extension.


step 2. folding wings


EzyPeezies are the only nappy that have folding wings, which allows them to fit a wider range of sizes, without compromising the fit on very small or large babies. Folding the wings in allows you to get a tight fit around the legs and waist on small and skinny babies.

For smaller babies and toddlers fold the wings in half and fasten the white snaps to the last row of coloured snaps on the inside.

step 3. waist snaps

EzyPeezies feature an extra wide wing with 3 rows of waist snaps. This provides a more secure fit, particularly when being used as a pull-up and helps to stop babies pulling off their nappies. The waist snaps have been colour coded to make things easier. The waist snaps have been colour coded to make things easier. When the wings are folded in when babies are smaller, use the coloured snaps on the inside. As your baby grows, fold the wings out and use the white waist.

When fastening the waist snaps, always start from the bottom. The first snap acts as the ‘hip’ snap and secures the fit around the legs. The middle and top snaps are for the waist, and can be angled to suit whatever size or shape you require, they do not need to be fastened in a straight line. For very small babies, fasten right side first and overlap wings. Fasten tightly so as nappy is not gaping, but not too tight so as elastic is cutting into skin snaps.