before you begin

  1. Adjust the rise setting to suit your baby.
  2. Choose the absorbency that you require and stu? the pocket.

lying nappy changes

  1. Lay nappy down on change mat, charcoal side facing up with the pocket at the top.
  2. Lay your baby on top of the nappy with the pocket at their lower back.
  3. Pull the front of the nappy up between your baby’s legs
  4. Fasten the right side waist snaps, starting with the bottom snap to secure the ?t around the legs, working up to the top snap.
  5. Fasten the left side wing, again, begining from the bottom snap, working up to the top snap. For very small babies, cross the left wing over the right wing. Done!


pull-up changes

  1. Make sure that you have fitted the nappy to your child before using it as a pull-up to determine the correct snap positions. To use as a pull-up nappy you will need to loosen the waist snaps one position to allow to pull up and down with ease.
  2. Fasten the nappy to the correct settings for your child.
  3. With hands either side, inside the nappy have your child step into the nappy and pull up as you would a pair of underpants. Easy!